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Are there other Castle Accommodations in Ireland?

Posted on 03/04/2019

Once you visit the Emerald Isle, you’ll yearn to get back again, and again.Ireland provides an opportunity to live like a King or Queen, even if just for one night.Many of our client’s request a stay at some of the most luxurious and unique castle accommodations available anywhere in the world.Places like Ashford Castle, Adare Manor, Dromoland Castle, and Lough Eske usually top the list.

Of course, people hunger for a new experience, so often we’re asked…..what else is there?Are there other options for a castle stay?The good news is that Ireland has plenty of options, with smaller castles, manor homes, and luxury estates that offer an equally unique and unforgettable experience.

An article in The Irish Times from October of 2015 identified some lesser known options for those who are seeking a new experience.Many properties can be arranged as weekly rentals for small groups.Properties include;

    • Cabra Castle, Co Cavan dates to 1760
    • Markree Castle, Co Sligo is the only castle hotel in Sligo, and was voted one of the Top 10 Hotel Castles in the World by Trip Advisor
    • Lough Cutra Castle, in Gort, Co Galway
    • Killiane Castle, Co Wexford built in 1470.
    • Blackwater Castle, Co Cork dating from the 12th-century, and built on the site of a 2,500-year-old fort
    • Lisheen Castle, Co Tipperary was built in the early 1800s
    • Annes Grove, Co Cork built in the 1850s
    • Springfield Castle, Co Limerick
  • Ballybur Castle, Co Kilkenny

So even when you’ve crossed Ashford, Adare, or Dromoland off your bucket list, the expert team at The Travel Connection can plan a great new adventure on your next trip to Ireland.

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