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Is there an easier way to redeem Frequent Flyer miles?

Posted on 03/04/2019

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the rise of services assisting travelers with redeeming award miles with US airlines.Professional bookers, on-line app’s, and travel agents are now helping frequent fliers locate those hard to find flight options.Utilizing frequent flier miles has become more difficult, and a tricky proposition in recent years.

Adjusting travel dates, routing, class of service, and time of day, can impact the results of your search.Depending on the airline, there are examples of trips varying from 15,000 miles to 150,000 miles on the exact same departure and arrival airports.

The value provided on mileage flights also widely varies and fluctuates, just like actual ticket cost, so it pays to research what the conversion price per mile is.In some cases, you may be better saving those miles for another trip.

Of course, all this takes time.Considering the multitude of options and almost infinite possible outcomes, it actually means it takes a whole lot of time!Depending on how you value your time, dedicating hours to trying to use your hard earned miles probably sounds very unappealing.In fact, you probably have more important things to do.

So like many things in today’s society, it actually makes sense to outsource this to the experts, who have access to increased visibility on pricing and availability.Some services cost up to $150 per person, per booking.Others have monthly subscription fees, with a service commitment.We do mileage and reward tickets for our client’s at The Travel Connection, with costs for the service ranging on the complexity of the ticket and itinerary…..but the feedback is almost always universal, with an appreciation for time saved, and a hassle averted.

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