Reasons to Spend the Summer in Puerto Rico

Posted on 06/14/2022

Vibrant, sun-kissed, and colorful… Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for your vacation getaway! This summer, dare to live Boricua through one-of-a-kind experiences, mesmerizing scenery, infectious rhythms, and welcoming people. You'll find adventure, warm weather, and an even warmer embrace as you explore the heart and soul of the Caribbean. 

And while some will tell you they live to travel, in Puerto Rico, you'll travel to live. There are plenty of reasons to visit the Island, so check these for inspiration as you plan your vacation: 

Colorful culture and rich history
The energy of Puerto Rico's culture comes from the centuries of blending Taíno, Spanish, and African heritage. This integration reflects through the Island's historical architecture, dynamic art, and spirited music. 
And there is no culture without history, right? You can see Puerto Rico's rich history manifestation through different means and across the Island. Stroll the beautiful cobblestone streets of Old San Juan to discover fortresses from when Spaniards ruled Puerto Rico or visit towns like Ponce and San Germán to delight in the colonial architecture these towns preserve. You can also visit museums that tell the stories of Puerto Rico's conquistadors, ceremonial parks to learn about the indigenous tribes that roamed Borikén (as the Taínos called the land) or bateys (plazas) for a lesson in the Island's African heritage. 

You can find museums and galleries all over the Island that reflect the Puerto Rican cultural heritage and evolution. Ancient artifacts, pre-Columbian paintings, contemporary pieces, and even street art can be found by those with a trained eye and even the self-taught amateurs. 
Another way to perceive the vibrancy is through Puerto Rico's iconic music. Salsa, reggaetón, bomba, plena, trova, and many other genres elevate the liveliness of boricuas through infectious beats. You can catch a live performance on the streets of San Juan (and many other towns) and in concert halls, bars, lounges, and chinchorros. Wherever you go, the rhythms of the Island will have you swinging your hips and swaying around in no time.

Natural beauty all around 
An adventurer at heart? Puerto Rico has a space just for you. Whether you want to relax by the ocean or are seeking an adrenaline-rushed experience, the Island's diverse ecosystems have you covered. With nearly 300 miles of coastline, over 36 nature reserves, and 19 state forests and wildlife refuges, you can relish unique vistas and mesmerizing settings.

Find surf beaches or loungy beaches – black sand, gold sand, white sand… Puerto Rico has it all. Explore the colorful marine life in places like The Wall at La Parguera, snorkel through pristine cays like Icaco's Island, or swim around world-renowned beaches like Flamenco in Culebra. Each area has a distinctive quality and varied marine life with different characteristics – like colors and wave flow. You can choose the one that best satisfies your beachy desires.  

Find one-of-a-kind experiences in places like El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forest System; a bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico (did you know there are only five in the world, and Puerto Rico is home to three of them?); the Guánica’s Dry Forest, a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve; or the Río Camuy Cave Park, the third-largest underground river in the world! And these are just a few of the many places where outdoor adventure awaits. 

The beauty of Puerto Rico? You can enjoy all its diversity in a single day. 

Savor the Flavors
If you’re a foodie, then welcome to a culinary paradise! The explosion of flavors in staple dishes and inventive creations from the chefs around the Island is unmatched. Whether it is a snack, a drink, street food, or a high-end meal, every chef on the Island has the same goal: to take care of people and showcase the culture through the food. 

Staple dishes like mofongo (deep-fried mashed plantain) or arroz mamposteao (mixed rice and beans) are a must-have in Puerto Rico. Still, you can find anything and everything from diverse, complex, and familiar dishes all across the Island, where chefs and cooks take traditional and blend it with international flavors and techniques. 

Also, while in the rum capital of the world, have your own rum-soaked journey with iconic drinks like the piña colada, tropical cocktails, or ask a friendly bartender to create something entirely new for you.


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