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Posted on 10/29/2018



With variety, adventure, romance, and relaxation all expertly woven together, Silversea’s Caribbean and Central America cruises are truly the ultimate getaway. Combine breathtaking natural beauty with relaxed sophistication as you hop around some of the world’s most beautiful islands and tropical destinations. Days at sea aboard our intimate, ultra-luxury ships are perfectly complimented with soft sand and gentle shores. Relax on your private veranda, enjoy high tea on the high seas and celebrate life as new faces become old friends. Silversea’s famed onboard service, cuisine, and savoir-faire mean that these cruises to the tropics are the stuff that dreams are made of.  Amplify your Caribbean experience on the all-new Silver Spirit. After the company’s first-ever ship lengthening, she’s fully refurbished for a superlative onboard adventure. Holding just 608 guests, she retains our world-famous standards of service and that home-away-from-home feel. Spacious decks leave plenty of room for relaxation, yet the cozy niches make sure that there is something for everyone. You’ll be awed every step of the way, from the pink shores of Bermuda and the historic walls of San Juan to the lush Dominican jungle and sizzling Cartagena cityscapes. Silver Spirit truly offers her guests one of the most complete cruise experiences available.You can expect so much more than just beaches on our tropical journeys. This is about experiencing an amalgamation of placid bays and coconut trees, colonial architecture, fascinating natural history and mouthwatering local cuisine. This is exploring and discovering something new every day. #ThisIsSilversea




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