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For Villa Stays, Choose a Chef's Kitchen

Posted on 03/18/2019



We love all-inclusive resorts; that goes without saying. With all you can eat and drink on offer, prepared for you with no clean-up ever, it’s hard to pass up on that freedom and convenience. 

However, a few factors can make families choose to eschew those perks, the top two are privacy and space. When several people travel together, it’s nice to have private gathering space to make memories in. A shared pool and a table at a restaurant are sometimes not quite enough. And that’s when The Villa Experience comes to the rescue.

Nearly every single one of the professionally managed properties in TI’s Villa Experience portfolio come with a housekeeper to straighten up and make the beds. But in certain destinations, a villa experience may include full staffs from a butler to a laundress and groundskeepers to up the ante. 

Now all of that is nice to have, but nothing beats having your own private chef or cook. That’s exactly what’s on offer at some of The Villa Experience’s most in-demand destinations. Nearly every one of the villas in Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, and Los Cabos provide a cook or chef to prep your meals and clean up after them, lending any stay that luxurious all-inclusive feel of being fully provided for. High-end villas in Dominican Republic and Barbados also include this experience with the rental, and beachfront bookings in Turks & Caicos do the same. 

With no dishes to wash, no tables to wipe down, no groceries to shop for nor menus to plan, guests have naught to do but savor every bite and every moment of quality time. And in a villa, they have all the space and privacy they could possibly want to do precisely that, with a little help from their new friends on staff. Kiss the cook? After days of custom-prepared meals with local ingredients, they might be hard-pressed to resist giving that grateful good-bye peck on the cheek!


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