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Explorations by Collette

Posted on 10/15/2018



When was the last time you let your curiosity guide you to something new? A time when you set off to answer questions only your heart knew. Whether it was a day ago, a year ago, or too long ago to recall, it’s time.

This is your chance to set out and discover all the extraordinary moments held in the everyday. They fuel your curious mind, kindle your adventurous spirit, and spark your sense of wander.

This is explorations…

Explorations is small group travel, reinvented.  What is so special about small group travel?  With an average of 15 travelers in the group, experiences are enhanced and more immersive than ever. This small tight-knit group of travelers will share a variety of special moments and experiences.  These experiences are unique, active, and sometimes a little adventurous. They reveal the culture in ways that would find hard to replicate.  There is more free time to pick your own path, so that you can discover a destination on your own terms.  

On small group travel, culinary experiences are authentic with local flavors to savor, from home-hosted meals to street food tours. How are accommodations different?  Every hotel stay on the Explorations small group tour is 4-star and above, with features like incredible amenities, centralized locations, or historic architecture.  These accommodations are captivating.



Who is the Ideal Explorations Traveler? For the Beginner with an Adventurous Spirit. Explorations is ideal for travelers just setting out to see the world, but crave experiences beyond seeing the standard iconic sights. They’ll find themselves connecting with the people and with the culture.  For the seasoned Traveler, revealing places they’ve been before on a more engaging level, letting them dive deeper into a place they already love. They’ll discover a new side of a destination, and more about themselves and the cultures of the world, all with the help of the Explorations experts. For the Active, Individualistic Traveler, these travelers are hard-to-please, being a mix of both world-wise and new travelers that are looking to break out of the ordinary. Explorations gives them ample free time to explore destinations as they see fit, but guides them to unique experiences they couldn’t find on their own.

Travelers on Explorations don’t just sit idly by as life happens around them. They engage in exceptional on-tour experiences that reveal cultures, traditions, and the human spirit.

Explorations by Collette will open your eyes and hearts to discoveries and experiences that will change you forever.

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