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Explorations - Spark Your Sense of Wander

Posted on 04/16/2019



Let your adventurous spirit lead the way to a more meaningful travel experience. Imagine leading your own dogsled team in Finland, hunting for truffles with a local chef in France, or sleeping in a nomad camp in the Sahara. You will truly immerse yourself in new lands and new cultures on these unrivaled Explorations experiences. This is small group touring, reinvented. This is Explorations.

Explorations is more than a trip, it's about delving deeper into life. It’s your moment to develop a more meaningful connection to the cultures of the world, an opportunity to learn, discover, and to experience a slice of everyday life that somehow feels extraordinary.

It’s also about the people you meet. You often won’t recall the places you see as much as the people you’ve met along the way — the connections you made. Explorations does more than show you a new place. It connects you to new cultures and shows you a fresh perspective of the world.

Explorations is about stopping to savor the local flavor. Local cuisine is so much more than taste and texture. It’s about the experience and ambiance served up alongside a mouthwatering meal. Explorations seeks to delight the entire palate, creating an unforgettable and hard-to-replicate epicurean adventure.

Explorations helps you experience a little adventure. Go ahead, say “yes” to something new. Try something a little outside your comfort zone. Explorations lets you follow your sense of adventure to discover a whole new world of possibilities.

All the while, stay immersed in authentic surroundings. Explorations provides you with access to unique places to rest up and rejuvenate. Whether you’re relaxing after a long day of activity or enjoying a leisurely morning coffee, these special hotels reflect the true personality of a destination.

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