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The Season to Feel Like a VIP in Europe

Posted on 10/09/2019



The crowds have thinned, offering an unspoiled view of the most popular attractions. In the north, mulled wines and spices scent the centuries-old Christmas Markets. In the south, summer weather lives on as the sun shines down on golden beaches. Somewhere in between, flowers bloom in a riot of colors across sprawling fields. 



This is Europe, between late fall and early spring. There are endless reasons to travel to Europe, and the off-season serves up a handful more. Only the savviest of travelers know to venture during the travel off-season, where they will experience all the continent has to offer. 

The troves of tourists thin out, offering more opportunities to get to know the locals and soak up the culture. Not to mention, museum lines and photo-taking parades shrink. You’ll feel like a VIP when you have Europe all to yourself. Can you imagine seeing the most iconic sites of your dream destination without the crowds?

Heading to Europe outside of peak seasons gives you incredible value, especially on flights and hotels.     Because the crowds have dispersed during this time of year, many businesses will offer lower prices on popular experiences.

The weather is pleasant, where winter lovers will embrace the spirit of places like Germany and Austria, and sun-seekers can wear short sleeves in southern Italy or the Algarve in Portugal. 

Travel during the off-season to fall in love with a new locale, or find new things to love about an old favorite. Either way, the months of November through March reveal some unique European experiences only found outside of peak seasons. 



Just to name a few off-season experiences…

  • Peruse Germany’s famous Christmas Markets with a warm glass of mulled wine in-hand.
  • See the rainbow of tulips bloom in Belgium and the Netherlands on a temperate-weathered river cruise.
  • Soak up the Portugal sun along the scenic Algarve, and enjoy the beautiful beaches practically all to yourself.
  • See quintessential Parisian sites including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe without massive crowds.
  • Get to know the locals over a classic English ale at a London pub.

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