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Five Big Benefits of Traveling with Monograms

Posted on 11/07/2019



If you’ve ever planned a vacation (ahem, everyone), then you know that a lot of time and research goes into making it your dream trip. You also know that no matter how much research you do, some questions are nearly impossible to answer about a destination you’ve never been to… Like what part of the city is best to stay in, where to get the best Italian food, or which museums are worth seeing and which are worth skipping.

Why spend your time searching for answers, when you can leave them up to the experts?! At Monograms, we help you experience your destination like a local; how to help you maximize your time and experiences in a location without maxing out your budget; how to help you avoid the tourist traps and discover the authentic places that make your destination one-of-a-kind. Monograms is simply a better way to travel.

Wondering how we do it? Here are the 5 biggest benefits of traveling with Monograms:

1.    You’ve got a friend in your destination. We might call them Local Hosts®, but really, the support and advice they offer makes them feel more like a friend. Local Hosts are exactly what they sound like – a local from your destination who will help you make reservations, book tickets, coordinate transportation, and offer suggestions about what to see and do in their hometown so you experience the very best.

2.    Skip the lines. Each Monograms vacation includes a half-day of guided sightseeing in each city, including VIP access to must-see sites. This means, while everyone else is waiting in line to enter the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, you take a short cut and get to go right in, saving you time so you can see and do more in your destination.

3.    No searching for the perfect hotel. We’ve already done it for you! Simply choose your destination and we will provide you with several hotel options, ranging from 3-star to 5-star, all in centrally-located neighborhoods. Select the hotel that best fits your travel style.

4.    See the world the way you want to. We give you just the right amount of flexibility and free time for you to explore your personal interests in your destination. We also offer a wide range of optional excursions in each city – from food tours to symphonies – so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

5.    No getting lost. In a foreign country, transferring from city to city can be tricky. Not with Monograms! Your Local Host will escort you to your train, hand you your tickets, and be sure you are off and on your way safely to the next destination, where a NEW Local Host will be waiting to say hello!

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Five Big Benefits of Traveling with Monograms

    If you’ve ever planned a vacation (ahem, ev...

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